The lévézou


The territory of Lévézou is located at heart of the Aveyron department  between Rodez and Millau.
This central position facilitates your movements to shine throughout the department.

Behind the wheel of your vehicle, discover the Aveyron riches  made up of changing landscapes . From Aubrac to Rougier, from Ségala to Larzac, from mountains to valleys, the Lévézou  is the ideal starting point for your peregrinations.

 Located at the southern end of the Massif Central, it is part, with Aubrac, of the highlands of Aveyron.



From a topographical point of view, the Lévézou constitutes a  vast set of highlands , with hilly relief carved out by depressions and shallow valleys. 

It forms a dome with an average altitude of around 900 meters. The ridges of the “Monts du Lévézou” culminate at over 1,100 meters, sculpting a “crown” open to the West. The highest point at 1,155 m is the Puech del Pal.

There are at least six topographic subsets in the massif 1  :

  • the Palanges massif to the north-west;
  • the Vézins ridge to the north  ;
  • Bouloc ridge to the east  ;
  • the Mauriac plain in the center (east of Lake Pareloup)  ;
  • the Lagast massif to the south-west  ;
  • the amphibolite fault to the west (Arvieu quarry)

Thus leaning against the Grands Causses along a rocky south-eastern ridge, the Lévézou plateau gradually decreases in altitude towards the west. This interior basin thus sinks down to the confluence of the Viaur and the Vioulou, the two major rivers that cross it from east to west. 

The Lévézou benefits from a dense hydrographic network thanks to its many streams which allowed the creation of the Lévézou lakes. It also has many wetlands and peatlands.

Many activities

Discover ideas for walks near the establishment on the site Lévézou Aveyron Or on visorando

For families, discover the city of insects Micropolis in Saint Léon and the beast garden at Gages.

Enjoy cool nights and beautiful days of swimming in the surrounding lakes. You can picnic in the shade and let the children enjoy the inflatable games at the Aqua Park

+33 (0)6 31 64 01 45

Practice fishing on the lake

The lake for family enthusiasts

Located at an altitude of over 700 meters on the Lévézou plateau upstream from the village of Pont – de – Salars, this 186 ha lake is established as a dam on the Viaur.

It is rich in white and carnivorous fish which have long made its reputation.

The carp population is also very interesting.

Lake accessible from the shore, on many parts of the lake.

The steep banks in places and the many submerged posts argue in favor of boat fishing, especially for predator fishing.

Favorable period: spring and autumn for predators. From spring to autumn for white fish.

Temporary reserve areas in spring on the upstream side of the lake where all fishing is prohibited, day and night.

2nd category

The creative house of Vibal

Creator of wrought iron characters exhibited at the Creative House of Vibal, Claude invites you to observe his sculptures, fruit of more than 18,000 hours of work: Coluche, Gainsbourg, the papé, Marcel Pagnol’s card game. Opening on request.

You will have fun recognizing these characters. The voice of the blacksmith will guide you in your exploration. You will smile, you will wonder and sometimes you will even be moved …

Claude is a craftsman passionate about the forge. In this renovated barn, are beautifully exhibited a hundred sculptures witnessing 40 years of work and as many years of questioning about society and the events that marked Claude.

For groups, guided tour with a commentary on each character presented, demonstration of a forging on the anvil in the basement.

Walk to the Aujols pass

The Homo Faber du Col d’Aujols created by Claude Villefranque is to be discovered, it’s just a few minutes from the hotel!

Zaz is Aveyron in self-mockery!

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